Mommie Brain

Document your experience through pregnancy and all phases of motherhood. There will be in class writing exercises as well as suggestions to work on by yourself. Essays will be long term workshopped if desired or keep your work to yourself and share if and when you like. 

Can’t make it to a scheduled class?

I will meet with you and give you suggestions. I will read your work and provide feedback. Or sign up for online classes. email me at to let me know if you are interested.

Also, have a group, like a mommy & me group, I can set up private ongoing classes for your group, or one-time Mommie Brain parties for you as well.

The fine print

If you let me know before an entire session begins you will miss a certain class, I will prorate the fee.  If you take the first class and discover the class is not for you, I will refund the rest of the session.  But if you miss a class, I cannot refund the money.  Thank you for understanding.