Exercise your Mommie Brain….

Writing groups for moms and moms-to-be.  


Everyone says, “Write it down – you’ll forget.” But often we don’t write it down and often then we do forget.

As a new mom, I found there were several classes offered where I could try to get my body back in shape. There were classes that were specifically geared for my baby or to teach me about parenting. But there wasn’t anything available where I could try to be creative and feed my brain while still focusing on my child…something I desperately needed from being so sleep deprived.

So, Mommie Brain was born.

Come write with me! You do not need to have written before. Beginners and more experienced writers welcome. Whether you want to keep a memory journal for yourself, document your birth experience or try to have an article published, I will guide you.  This is a unique new class which will provide an opportunity for women to document their pregnancies as well as the experience of being a mother.

Classes now forming in the Los Angeles Area.

Contact me at rachel@mommiebrain.com